What are Free PSN Codes?

The definition of psn codes.

A PSN Code stands for a Playstation Network Code which can only be used for the playstation platform. In general it is just a simple code, existing out of digits and numbers which are linked to a certain reward on the PS Network. The code can be used to join the Online network for a certain amount of time. For example, You can choose between 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. On www.free-psplus.com we only offer the option for a 3 months PSN code, or one with a value of 12 months. Next to getting free acces to the online network a Playstation Plus subscription will provide you with some additional benefits. For example, you will have the choice out of free games which in general are really fun to play. For example, Rocketleague. one of the most popular arcade games now a day was offered for free for PS Plus subscribers. Thus, next to receiving free acces to the online network of the Playstation you will also receive access to free games etc.

How to redeem your psn codes.

Once that you have acquired your own PSN code you can use it to get free access to the online network of the PS. This can only be done if the specfic code hasn’t been used before and therefore still has value. So once you know that the card is new and hasn’t been used by someone else you log in the your Playstation account. After you’ve logged in, you will go to the Playstation Store in which you will find a section where you can enter a code existing out of digits and numbers. Insert your Free PSN Codes here and click on the button below. Now your account will be credited with a few months of free online game play. The amount of weeks depends on the value of the Playstation Plus Code.

Are you looking for a way to get Free PSN Codes?

 If the title above for you holds the truth, and you are looking for a way got get access to the online platform without paying a single buck. I would recommend you to click on the following link: How to get Free PSN Codes here you will be provided with a step by step tutorial to get your code. On this page you will find other links that will redirect you to the PSN Code Generator, which can be used to get your free psn codes method. If you are looking for experiences of previous users of the generator click on Testimonials of the PSN Code Generator.