Watch Netflix on your PlayStation 4 account.

In the blog of today we will reveal another great feature of the PlayStation 4. It is evident that the console isn’t just used for gaming anymore. Now a day it can be used for multiple types of entertaining. You can stream music, Watch Movies, search the web and many other apps are available to customize the interface of the PlayStation. Today we will talk in-depth about how people can watch movies and series on the PlayStation 4.

If you would like to enjoy movies and series on the PS, you should have the Netflix app installed in your interface. Netflix is available on many devices these days and allows the user to choose from a wide selection of great series, which are only available on their platform. In the starting days Netflix was only available on the computer. But since a few years their goal has been to extend to all popular devices, including the PlayStation.

If you don’t have Netflix installed on your PlayStation network account yet you should follow the following steps. First, you go to the PlayStation Store. Second, you navigate towards the apps section. Here, you will select Netflix. Just click on download and the app will be added to your account. In order to use the app, you will need a Sony Entertainment Network account. This also holds that once the PlayStation servers are under maintenance you won’t be able to stream.


Watch Netflix on the PlayStation 4 without a subscription

If you don’t have a licensed account with Netflix yet you are still able to enjoy their service for free! So if you don’t have the money for the subscription, or you would just like to try it out before you start subscribing follow the following steps:

  • Open the app on your PlayStation 4 interface
  • Click on the icon that gives you a free month.
  • Follow the steps and create a new Netflix Account.
  • Now you are able to watch all the content provided on the PS for a free month!

One of the thing is that you will need an online payment method like a credit card in order to use the free month. This is done in the hope that you will forget you subscribed using your credit card. Of course, you shouldn’t forget this but in practice many people do. You can buy it in the store. If you can’t get it to work. Or if you have any questions or recommendations please let us know by leaving a comment! We will update our blog with more facts to increase the gaming experience of all users of the PlayStation Network!

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  1. Great blog, I didn’t upgrade my account with Playstation Plus yet so I got myself a free 12 month subscription through the link.

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