The new innovation for the PSN Network!


What is the Virtual Reality feature for the Playstation?

Playstation will be launching the a new innovative feature for the Playstation, to further enhance the gaming experience of the users. By using the new Virtual Reality system, which can be pre-ordered for 400$ you will perceive the games through a whole different way. You as the player will stand in the middle of the attention of the game and every single thing will be happening around you, while you can enjoy the most highly graphic designed details in your surrounding Virtual Environment. The Virtual Reality headset is a new innovative product that combines the graphic options from the Playstation 4 with and excellent 3D system that enables the user to enter the virtual world of gaming! Many games have caused us to lose track on time, but what about a new gaming environment that will make you lose track on where you actually are. By using the Virtual Reality glass your surroundings will be taken over by the game!

If you think that this VR Headset will be to hightech for you to use? It isn’t. With a simple plug and play option provided by the Playstation you can just plugin the new VR headset and enjoy the new innovative game experience provided. In the video provided above you will get a preview of the 10 upcoming games for this new innovative feature. I am excited! What about you? I am sure that once you’ve watched the great gameplay that is provided using Virtual Reality, with the high quality graphics, and once you get the feeling that you are actually in the game, you will see the future potential. Knowing that the Virtual reality headsets is still in development and these first versions will probaly only be used by the pioneers of gamers under the Playstation network, it is great to keep track of new future features, ready to be improved and disrupt the gaming industry. There is no information readily available on whether the new VR headset will directly support the PSN Network but we are confident that the feature will be readily available for online multiplayer modus very soon. This argument is based on the fact that gaming experience are only fully optimized by providing the online gaming option. What will a game by without having access to the internet right? This would be a game that becomes redundant once you finished the campaign. Anyway, The Virtual Reality option provided for the new games will be mind blowing, and definitely alter the world of gaming we have known so far. So keep track of the Virtual Reality Headset!

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  1. The Virtual Reality headset will help you enjoy the game even more! This combined with some free playstation plus for the multiplayer is great for all ps plus users

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