The new Playstation Plus gaming titles for October.


After Xbox recently used a video announcement to introduce the new bundle of free to play games for October 2016, PlayStation can’t stay behind. The new games are available since the 4th of October and can be used by all PlayStation users who have an active PlayStation Plus subscription. You should pay attention though. All the games can be downloaded for free now. However, once new games are introduced this bundle of games will go back to their original price. So get the games quickly!


It’s almost Halloween and what is better than a classic survival horror game for your PS4? Resident Evil HD Remastered, of course! This classic game was published early last year with polished graphics, Effects and Control. Do you rather play a game that won’t bring you to the edge of you seat? Then there are multiple other games you can download for free in October. Below is the complete list of games available from October 4th.


Resident Evil, PS4
Transformers: Devastation, PS4
Mad Riders, PS3
From Dust PS3
Code: Realize ~ Guardian of Rebirth ~ PS Vita
Actual Sunlight, PS Vita


As previously mentioned, all free to play Playstation Plus games of the previous month will return to their original prices. Are you wondering which games were free in the previous bundle? Than check out the list below. All games listed have returned to their original price on the 4th of October. Unfortunately, they can’t be added to your game collection anymore. This is just to give you an impression of the games that are offered over time.


Lords of the Fallen, PS4
Journey PS4 / PS3
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, PS3
Datura, PS3
Badland, PS Vita / PS4 / PS3
Memories amnesia, PS Vita

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