What is a Playstation Plus Subscription

You’ve probably been wondering if you can get Playstation Plus. And in this blog you will teach you how you can access to the PS Online Network. There are multiple ways for you as an user to get it. First of all, you can sign up for a Free Trial which allows you to make use of the internet for 14-days. If you really like this option, you can create a new account every two weeks to make sure that you will always have free access. However, your saved games are stored in your account and as soon as you create a new one your data will be lost. Or at least not loaded to your new account. So that’s not a good solution to the problem.

The Features of Playstation Plus

First of all you will be able to play all your games online with your friends. This in itself will add to your gaming experience. Because, nothing makes gaming more great than doing it in a social environment with some of your friends. Moreover, you will get access to free to play games. There is a high variety of games you can play and they are being changed every now and than. Last but not least you will get exclusive deals and discounts on games purchased in the Playstation Store. Sometimes these discount go as far as 80% discount of the total price! If you would like to know which games are discounted at this exact moment, and probably even more important. Which games are free to play at the moment. You should visit the official website of Playstation. Here, they provide you with an overview that shows you exactly which games you can play. And for how long. Once Rocket League was a free to play game. And this is now one of the most played games in the world. So you will definitely get value for your money! At this exact moment the games: Lords of the Fallen and Badland are offered to play for free.



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