PlayStation Plus Games for February and a March Prediction.

While you were laying back on your couch. Enjoying the great free to play gaming titles that were introduced with the PlayStation Plus Subscription for February. We have done a lot of research and analyzed several speculations on the web. namely, from the side of PlayStation and forums across the internet.  You’d be surprised about the amount that is known about these games. And all of that even before the official release has taken place. But before we will tell you our speculations on the PS Plus games for March. We will shortly recap the February games.


PlayStation Plus February Games.Free PS Plus Games March and february

If you haven’t checked it out already, I recommend you to do so. Because, in this month the game little big planet 3 is introduced. Even though this game isn’t worth buying in my opinion. It does provide a great gaming experience for a few days while playing it with some friends. In the end, there is no need to buy this funny game since it is available for free this month! In other words, it is a great addition for the F2P gaming bundle.


Little Big Planet 3

In little big planet 3 you can choose out of bunch of funny looking characters. In fact, all the characters you see are created by weird materials like wool or  rope. Therefore, it is called: our biggest handcrafted adventure. In-game you will have to complete certain maps, with obstacles and dangers. You should path during your journey through the world. The game includes funny puzzles and custom games like tennis. As a matter of fact, little big planet 3 was released in the 3rd quarter of 2014. But it’s a great way to spend your time for the upcoming few days. If the campaign isn’t what you are looking for, just start playing some custom games with some peeps.


Not a Hero

Not a hero is another of the games available in February. In all honesty, this games looks like total crap with its 8 bit retro game design. It probably is a personal opinion. Because on the web we find all kinds of different reactions. One person loves it, while the other person hates it. Not a hero is side scrolling shooter, which messes up everything for some people. While other people love the classic gaming view. Actually, it has a decent story line and the action within the game is mediocre spectacular. But it is just a simple game. Again, not worth buying. But might be worth to give it a try now it’s still available.

In the story line Bunny lord is trying to become the president to save the world of exhausting crimes. In order to make this happen Bunny lord has hired a group of intelligent and professional assassins. You are part of this group and will clear the world of never-ending crimes. In your quest to help Bunny lord become president.


Speculation about the PS Plus Games for March

Even though it is only half way February at this moment. It is never too early to start speculations. Obviously, we can’t predict what is going to happen in March. But we can do an educated guess based on the information we gathered across the web. Personally we concluded that alienation and the order:1886 will be part of the March bundle. If you don’t know these games yet. Continue reading and get to know some basics about the games.



Alienation has been speculated all over the web. As one of the classified games for the March bundle. It was released in April 2016, and wasn´t a big success. And, that while the game looks pretty good. Further, It comes with a top-down perspective, also commonly known as the helicopter view. In-game you will have to walk around across the map. Consequently, while you are being chased by ten to hundreds of monsters at a time. By running around, dashing, using spells, and using your advanced gun with multiple damage types. Like Splash, direct damage etc. In fact, you will run around the arena to kill all kinds of aliens. I would compare it with a regular hack and slash game. Transformed into a shooter. The game isn’t worth buying in my opinion. Most games just like this one, are created to kill as many monster as possible. While this is the focus the game lacks in-depth quests and campaigns. If you don’t like stories and love to shoot aliens. Do awesome combinations and use the most awesome special effects. To blast all the Aliens that keep spawning in the game. Alienation is definitely worth a try!


The Order 1886

When The Order 1886 was introduced in the first quarter of 2015. Gamers had high expectations, and rumors indicated that it would compete with assassins creed. However, when The Order 1866 was released the expectations were far from reached. Whereas the graphics in this game are extraordinary, and is referred to as film quality.

The game is developed by Ready at Dawn. In an interview they explain that the game is intended to bring a movie experience! Therefore, you will spend most of your time watching beautiful cinematics. Fortunately, actions are required during the cinematics which makes it more playable.

The gameplay just seems to have to many glitches. Reports were made of gamers that simply couldn’t damage the final boss. And had to reset the game a tons of times before they could proceed. Together, with the long sections of slow walking. This game is fun to try once as a F2P game, but doesn’t add any follow up value like the multiplayer mode and custom games. Hence, if they would add more options. They must fix the annoying glitches first.

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