Experience the PSN Virtual reality Headset gaming experience

The VR headset in-game video for the PSN Network.

In the last blog I mentioned that there is a new innovative feature incoming for the Playstation, namely the Virtual Headset with a plug and play option will give you access to Virtual 3d World of gaming. In the video showed above you see how the VR headset looks like from a Point of View position, don’t forget that once you use the VR headset yourself you will be standing in the middle of the game. When you look around in your own living room you will actually see the whole game virtualized through the glasses. Imagine the many cool things that can be done by using the Virtual gaming headset for the gaming industry, real life shooters, MMORPG games where you can walk in the game yourself. The VR technology will cause a disruption in the gaming industry and will turn the life for gamers upside down. You will literally get sucked into the game. Imagine instead of losing time in by gaming, you will lose grip on where you are! A total new fantasy world, and you can be part of it! In the future the VR headset will most definitely support the online modus for the online network. When this happens the gaming experience for dedicated gamers like us will be tilt to the next level! All together I think we should thank Playstation for providing us with such cool new innovating features, Thanks Playstation!

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