Get Free credit for the Playstation Network (PSN)!

Playstation Store credit enables the online distribution of games.

A few years ago in the old era of the Playstation Console it was common for users of the PSN Network to buy their games at retail stores. However, with the increasing globalization and the development of the internet complementary to the Playstation Platform a new development has disrupted the classic way to buy your video games. In the past, users visited the retail gaming stores and bought a CD that allowed you to install a specific video game on your Playstation. Now, times have changed and the development of the Playstation Network has included many new features that allow ease and comfort for the users. Instead of buying your game at the retail store, which could be a considerable amount of kilometers away from your home. Playstation Users now have access to the Online Playstation Store, here users can download Playstation games online. Some games are provided for free, while other games should be paid for. The payment can be done in multiple ways, the most common and easiest way is to connect your Creditcard with your Playstation account and the payments for games will automatically be withdrawn from your Creditcard. Another way, most common if you don’t own a credit card is using the Playstation Store Credit. Playstation Store Credit can be bought at multiple places, examples are: retail stores, gas stations and on the internet. With the Playstation Store gift card you can upgrade your PS Wallet with multiple values of credit ranging from $10 towards $100. The PS Gift card provides you with a code that can be exchanged for PS Credit in the PS Store. Just simply visit the Store and enter the code. You will see that your account will be upgraded with the amount of dollars you bought in the gaming store.

Note: For Free PSN Codes you should visit and enjoy up to 12 months of Online gaming time.

Free Playstation Plus

What are the benefits of Playstation Store Credit.

Once you’ve added the credit to your PS wallet you can spend it on every game that you can think of. The PS Store will give you acces to every single Playstation game available for sale and with one click on the button you can purchase it. The benefits provided by this new innovative system are that your games will be directly downloaded on your hard drive; so instead of having the game on CD you can directly start. All games are installed on your Playstation and can be played without inserting a CD. Moreover, the games will be a life-time available on your account and you can install the games on multiple consoles. However, when you have installed your video game on your own playstation and the playstation of your best friend you can’t play the game together. Only one person at a time is given access. So in order to play together both of you should buy the game. Another important benefits is that you are not constrained by time to buy your video game. Gaming stores usually close at 18:00, however the PS Store is 24/7 accessible and allows to play new games whenever you feel like it. On top of this you can buy the game within your own room and you don’t have to walk all the way to the gaming Store. Multiple benefits are created with the new online platform of the Playstation, now it is up to you to exploit all of them!

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