Top 10 Most Promising games for the PSN Network

Below you find the list of the top 10 upcoming games to play online on the Playstation 4. In the video extra information is given to explain why this list of games is picked as the best upcoming online games. This list of games ranges from: Online shooters, online Survival games,online fighting games, and online arcade games. My personal favorite is Doom as the game really provides you with a quality single player campaign, but also a very spectaculair multiplayer games. To be honest you can get the full potential out of all of the games listed below without playing them in multiplayer modes online on the Playstation Network (PSN). I wanted to play multiplayer on the PS4 but for some kind of reason they all of sudden want us to pay for access to the online network. This will enable you to play all All games from No man’s Sky till Star Wars Battle Fronter 2015 on the online platform. As I cannot mention enough, you can’t play one of the 10 games listed below without using the Multiplayer!

# 10 – No Man’s Sky
#9 – The Division
#8 – Gran Turismo Sport
#7 – Ghost Recon Wildlands
#6 – Rainbow Six Siege
#5 – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
#4 – DOOM
#3 – For Honor
#2 – Street Fighter V
#1 – Star Wars Battlefronter 2015

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