How to get free PSN codes?

The tutorial to get  free psn codes.

In this tutorial you will get informed in precise steps to retrieve your personal credit for the playstation account. To start off open in a new tab of your browser. It doesn’t matter which browser you use all browsers are compatible with Psn Code generator provided on the previous mentioned link.

Now when you have entered the website you will directly notice that this is the right site for you to get playstation plus codes. When you scroll to the middle of the page you will find three options. You can choose to take a PSN subscription for 3 years, a PSN subscription for 12 years. However, you can also pick the playstation store $50 Gift card. Think wisely, and sort out which option would benefit you the most. Click on the button “generate code” which you can find below the cards. You will be redirected to PSN code generator, this is the page where you will retrieve your reward. From here on it is actually quiet simple and your Free PSN Codes are closer to you than they have ever been.


part 2: The Psn Code Generator tutorial.

Now that you’ve reached the final page in your quest for your psn code your reward is within your reach. Bear with me, and enjoy the ride. Now on the page you can see the PSN Code or the playstation store gift card you choose on the previous page. Below, you will find a button that with the text ‘click to generate’. Click on this button and the Psn Code Generator will start processing your location to adjust the the code to your destination. This process might take a maximum of 30 seconds and the generator will show you the exact code it has generated and used it to give you acces to the Free psn Codes method.


Part 3: The last step in the PSN Code generator

Now that you have used the generator to retrieve your free resources you will have to click on the button “Secure Download”. Secure, holds that the download zone you are entering is safe and there are no intentions of harming your computer. The good thing is that you don’t have to download the Psn Code generator, this way there will be no disk space of your pc or other device taken. And this can be used for something else like a cool video game. Now that you’ve pushed the button a new window will appear in the same tab, here you should fill in an offer which will unlock your resources. Now that you know the ways to get free psn codes you can continue this process and gather as many is you need for yourself. Goodluck everyone and enjoy! Still don’t know the definition of PSN Codes. Here you can find a clear description of the definition.